Table Games

Fresh new products with vision

Amazing Gaming designers have been busy in our studio, making exciting new games. Our classic table games hold some mystique with a high return to those familiar with classic casino table games.

Our table top games create an affinity between the computer croupier and the players playing at the table. By utilizing their attractive design features these games rank highly in retention and acquisition of new players.

Amazing Gaming stays true to the original classic styles of games but uses present technologies to create the gaming experience your customers expect with HTML5, top notch high-res graphics.

  • Table games such as, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat games can be accessed by the player from any device whether desktop or mobile
  • Can run promotions and track achievements via API
  • Have the possibility to award free spins or feature game via API
  • Support main market browsers
  • RNG is licensed
  • Feature a backend is super-fast and durable

Table Games


Place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, the colors or whether the number will be odd or even.


Beat the dealer by drawing cards totaling the closet to 21 without going over or being beaten by the dealer’s hand.

Baccarat Super 6

Super 6 is won if the Banker wins with 6 and the payout is 12:1.

Baccarat Deluxe

Player/Banker Side Bets are won if the player’s or banker’s initial 2 cards have the same value.