The Sports Trader

For many, the work week is based on consistency. Wake up by 7, get to the office by 9, leave by 5 is the traditional workday. For sports traders, this consistency doesn’t exist. Your traditional Saturday afternoon on the sofa is replaced by the active, busy day in the office trading away all the major competitions. Mondays are a day of relax and to rest up for the upcoming week.

A sports trader’s week is dependant on the sports calendar of the week. With 24/7 coverage, servicing over 200 AmazingGaming sportsbook clients worldwide a typical work week just won’t do.

The sport trader’s desk is setup with 4 monitors and access to live sports. With data being sent to the trader from numerous betting exchanges, clients and historical data, there is a lot of information that the trader needs keep to track of, over the course of the shift.  Concentration is key, with the trader always looking at the start of the next big event, and movements in the prices of multiple markets across the exchanges.

The trader however is helped all the way through the shift by Amazing Gaming’s trading and risk management software powered by Betting Promotion. The bulk of the heavy lifting is done by this proprietary software, with historical data always being fed into the system to make sure the sports trader is in control of adjustments, movements and requests.

There is a suggestion that a sport trader’s job may become obsolete because of technology such as Betting Promotion powered trading and risk management tool. However , it is the expertise of such sport traders, who are dedicated experts with a passion for sport , where the human factor along with experience ensures unpredictable swings and last minute decisions such as injuries and weather that the sports trader can make effective decisions to ensure risk is managed correctly.

With client requests coming in from all corners of the world, Amazing Gaming’s sports traders are also equipped to deal with support to ensure all clients have their feed fed with all the data they could ever need to power their sportsbook.

Sports trading brings about a lot of opportunity to win, however trading tools alone just wont do, and it is the sports trader expertise that protects risk and ensures long term profitability.